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Welcome to the City of Burke

Burke is located in Gregory County, South Dakota, which is situated in the south central part of the state outlined by the beautiful Missouri River and the South Dakota/Nebraska border. A population of 604 residents who love calling Burke home. The city is proud to have many successful businesses, a strong K-12 School District, the brand new Community Memorial Hospital facility, and is surrounded by a variety of agricultural business and hard working farm and ranch families. Burke is widely known for it's famous Burke Stampede Rodeo which takes place every July. The rodeo celebrated it's 30th Anniversary last summer!

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Council Minutes

Burke City Offices

Civic Center  822 Main St.  605.775.2043

Finance Office  704 Main St.  605.775.2913

Fire & Ambulance Departments  701 Washington St.  911

Library  704 Main St.  605.775.2373

Police Department  822 Main St.  605.775.2282 or 605.831.0230

Shop  841 County Rd.  605.775.2692

Burke Churches

Catholic Church  918 Lincoln St.  605.775.2532

First Baptist Church  Lucas  605.775.2142

Grace Lutheran Church  602 Franklin St.  605.775.2462

Union Baptist Church  842 Lincoln St.  605.775.2592

Union Methodist Church  222 E 8th St.  605.775.2752   Visit Website

Gregory County Courthouse

Auditor  221 E 8th St.  605.775.2664

Civic Defense  221 E 8th St.  605.775.2626

Clerk of Courts  221 E 8th St.  605.775.2665

County Extension Office  221 E 8th St.  605.775.2581

Director of Assessments  221 E 8th St.  605.775.2673   Visit Website

Public Health Nurse  221 E 8th St.  605.775.2634

Public Welfare Office  221 E 8th St.  605.775.2683

Register of Deeds  221 E 8th St.  605.775.2624

Sheriff's Office  221 E 8th St.  605.775.2626

Shop  1224 Franklin St.  605.775.2606

Soil Conservation  221 E 8th St.  605.775.2770

States Attorney  221 E 8th St.  605.775.2066

Supt. of Highways  1224 Franklin St.  605.775.2677

Treasurer  221 E 8th St.  605.775.2605

Veterans Service  221 E 8th St.  605.775.2672

Weed Supervisor  221 E 8th St.  605.775.2581

Burke School

Superintendent  918 Washington St.  605.775.2644

Principal  918 Washington St.  605.775.2645

Elementary School  933 Lincoln St.  605.775.2246

Burke Public Library

704 Main St.

Hours: Tuesday 12:00 - 5:00 p.m.

Thursday 12:00 - 8:00 p.m.

Saturday  10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Marilyn Simpson and Jamie Hood

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