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The Burke Business Promotion Corporation is a 501c6 nonprofit whose mission is to create, sustain, and promote business in the Burke area. Since we launched in 1986, we have made 54 loans and had a total direct impact of over $2 million. We currently offer revolving loan fund services, competitive technical assistance grants, and most recently have collaborated with other local organizations to help address the housing crisis in Burke.​

The Burke Business Promotion Corporation is proud of many accomplishments in building a stronger business community. Some of these are listed below. If you'd like to visit with a board member to discuss how we could help in your endeavors, please reach out!



In 2016, the BBPC made a construction loan to the Burke Daycare nonprofit. This fulfilled a longtime dream of filling the empty lot at the corner of 7th and Main that our group had cleaned up years before with a new, lovely business. Burke has a strong culture of in-home care providers, and Busy Bees was the perfect complement to continue to have enough spots for kids of working parents. We are very proud of this workforce infrastructure project.



In 2017, we helped with nonprofit Fitness on Main’s relocation to a new Main Street building. They needed some money to finish up their renovation of the dilapidated mixed-use structure at 901 Main. Part of our loan helped them clean up, patch, and repaint the exterior. This was a great improvement to Main Street, and we were glad we could help them get their doors (re)opened.



In 2018, the BBPC made a huge investment in a business that so many Gregory County citizens had spent several years discussing, planning, and executing:  a loan for a local meat processing facility. The Gregory County Locker was immediately a huge success, and throughout the pandemic, they have grown. In 2021, they began renovations to add additional freezer and kill space, and they hope to continue to grow into the retail space someday. We are so proud to have been a big part of getting this project off the ground and expanding access to locally raised meat.

calamity jane.jpg


In 2019, the owner of the Main Street coffee shop was ready to transition the business to a new owner. We made a supplemental loan to help the current owner take over and now The Calamity Jane has continued and blossomed the legacy of warm drinks and delicious treats. It also created a full-service breakfast service – the only one available in Burke.

Board of Directors

Contact BBPC

Kelsea K. Sutton

(605) 830-5039

Rick Hogue

(605) 775-2641

Jack Gunvordahl

(605) 775-2531 

Jerry Peterson

(605) 775-2156 or (605) 830-1053

Jason Witt

(605) 830-1087

Mark Green

(605) 830-2221

Todd Halsne

(605) 840-6282

Rachelle Norberg

(605) 775-2531



The BBPC was extremely easy to work with and for us! They put the outlook of our community in the forefront! We could not be more pleased with working with them!!

Kurt Frank and

Lonnie Liewer

Owners, Gregory

County Locker

calamity jane.jpg

The BBPC is a great asset to the Burke small business community. I was able to get funding from them to help with the Purchase of The Calamity Jane and looked to them for help with the building addition. This helped me stay in business during the trying times of the pandemic.


Owner Christi Rozeboom


The BBPC was there for us when we needed them. Their loan got our doors open for members and gave us the ability to rehab our building exterior to make Main Street shine a little brighter.



Valerie Van Metre


The BBPC loan was vital in getting a public day care in Burke. The governors house program for day care centers was defunct, and we would have been unable to open without this funding source.  We opened in 2017 with 5 children enrolled.  At the end of 2021, we had 34 children using our services.


President Megan Smith

The BBPC is an equal opportunity provider, employer, and lender.

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